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Alicen [userpic]

Diet up, bitch! :)

September 7th, 2012 (12:17 am)

current mood: accomplished

Gained wedding weight ... Wait! Not my wedding!! Loose this shit by your birthday, fool.
This shit is unacceptable. Change your habits. You know what to do right. And you certainly know what you are doing wrong. Your clothes don't fit. Nothin except done summer dresses. You're gonna want jeans soon, woman, your punk ass gets cooold. And your asthma is coming back, creeping in in the worst time of the year. That horrible spare tire is back, and your side-ass jiggled running across the parking lot today. Not cool!!
You are never, ever going to be 200 pounds again. Stop pushing it. Cutting the scary number way too close.
So just think of how much better you felt half a year ago. The running, faaabulous running. No asthma. Curling up small and tight in a theater seat, in the car seat. Think of all the cute fall outfits! The boots! The tights and short skirts! All the cutesy gothy clothes you'll make for the club! The epic confidence boost of getting attention. Getting a girl's attention. ;)
And for fuck's sake, keep calm and wait for halloween!! There will still be sweets and sugars and treats for years to come. Digging them all in your face at once is what put you in this fat-suit predicament in the first place. Eat smart. Move smart. All that effort you put into the wedding? That's all yours for the taking, now. All yours again. So go to the fuckin gym! You actually like it there! And you LOVE what you get out of it! Cook. Healthy. Eat vegetarian a very very high percentage of the time. Drink the water, put down the damn mountain dew!
Use your damn brain. Think twice. Eat once. Exercise, exercise, exercise! Build that muscle! Burn that fat! Read more, expand your brain as you run quicker and quicker from that fat-suit you used to drown in. Surprise your relatives again this Christmas. Rock that dress. And your sexy rock-hard arms. Run. You actually like doing it. Alot. Listen to new music. Rediscover old music. Unearth stuff so fuckin underground, you will be the master of all hipsters.
Most of all: listen to your body. You'd been wildly out of tune for quite some time, now, get back in the groove, pick up the steps where you left off, and rock your sexiness, mmk? Cause
you deserve it, girl. No more hiding. LIVE!!
: D

Alicen [userpic]

am i crazy?

October 25th, 2010 (07:19 pm)

current location: work
current mood: bouncy
current song: radio

do i hate myself? am i punishing myself? first i sign up for the sketchbook project, now nanowrimo? really, al, really? heck yes, really!! and i'll finish both of them!! while keeping up with my gymrat status cause, damn, do i ever love how i feel and look right now, which is a motherfucking first. geeze, lost weight, new piercings, a soon to be super short blonde!hair, and a bubbling sense of ambition? no wonder i have to double take when i look in the mirror.

Alicen [userpic]


May 26th, 2010 (09:09 pm)

current location: woooork
current mood: anxious
current song: fuzzy radio

God damn you, Trent Reznor. Damn you. Once I get my shit all together, get in a comfortable (boring) groove, you have to come waltzing along and fuck it all up, don't you? Gheeze.

I'm listening to How to Destroy Angels practically non stop, now. Seriously, that's only 3 songs, now, Al, mix it up, man!!

But these 3 beautiful songs, and a sweet stack of cds from Diane, have me head over heels for Nine Inch Nails, again. I'm standing here at work, simply itching to rush home and dig up my NIN mp3 cds and take a long ass walk around my apartments, loosing myself in the beats and trying to fix together the whys and the whats to the whos layed out in the last 3 years' sketchpads. Damn it, Trent, you're making me want to draw! What is this, high school, where I spend all day betweet headphones, pencil in hand, whipping out drawings and ideas in a frenzy? Is that what I will become again?

Bring it on, Mr. Reznor. I've been waiting to long for this. So bring it back, usher of my creative parade. Help me find a context for the lonely ideas and characters; help me find the glue.

And damn it, bring me a fucking pencil.

Also; lighter note; typing up a livejournal entry on my phone is a BITCH.

Alicen [userpic]


September 28th, 2008 (01:12 am)

current location: bed
current mood: giddy
current song: Silent Hill 3 soundtrack

Good idea: Facial piercings.

Iffy idea: Facial piercings in my bathroom.

Great idea: Taking out labret stud cause it was banging against my teeth, sticking to my gums, and generally pissing me off. In the first 3 minutes. I knew it would look bad, too. I've an overbite and puffy lips, and a jutting chin ... attractive ... My roomate has the perfect lips for a labret though. She'd never go for it. She almost fainted getting her cartilage done at Clair's. Wuss. Haha.

Bad idea: Buying nose screw instead of stud. Can't get it into skin so freshly pierced, genious. I have an earing stuffed in my nose till payday.

So now I have to decide if I should pierce the other side of my mouth and make snakebites ... But I'm just not that emo. And I've started going to hardcore shows in the area, and don't particularly want to look like another 14 year old with too much makeup and tits. ... I really want another stud on the right side, with the fresh one now. Hmm. But I have small lips ... *drama*

Haha. Sticking needles through my skin rocks. I had no idea till a couple days ago that I live, like, next door to a tattoo/piercing supply store. So I can harm myself the proper way.

The labret hole keeps bleeding when I pull a face. Musta hit a vein. Never had a piercing bleed, before, more than a drop. Can't wait to go to a shop and get my industrial done. I don't trust my distracted hands and dirty mirror to do the proper angle. Twice.

Whoo hoo! Great way to start vacation week. Let my lip heal a bit before putting in a plastic retainer for work. Finally got the ok to get nose peircings at Raley's, but so far, no one else has done it ... Haha! Start a trend! ... Funny - the day after they announced guys could have neat facial hair, every guy in the joint started growing theirs. Half the staff looked gnarly and dirty for a week, letting beards grow in. Woosy girls, and not jumping on the oppertunity. Ha.

Alicen [userpic]

21 days!

September 9th, 2008 (11:28 pm)

current location: bed
current mood: dorky
current song: Blondie - Hangin on the Telephone

My cat is making creepy growly ambient hate noises at the kittens and it reminded me that Silent Hill will haunt me again in mere weeks! And I accidentally requested the week it comes out as vacation ... smooth ... Too bad I have to play it on my brother's stupid 360. I need a better job. 2 or 3 better jobs, maybe. Tired of Raley's. And the hour cuts. I think 2 part time jobs will do me much better, even if they pay less. Minimum wage will soon be close to what I make now, and if I work somewhere without a union ... I'll break 'bout even.

Silent Hill!!

Alicen [userpic]


September 5th, 2008 (11:42 pm)

current location: bathroom sink
current mood: sleepy
current song: Aquabats - Skaboss

Goddamn piece of drap computer not letting me run VLC all i wanna do is watch Six Feet Under and go to bed but now I can't because only one program will run it and all I get is errors! Ahh! VLC, you have never failed me before! Why now!! Maybe Winamp will work ... downloading ... finger crossed ...

I just want gay Dexter until real Dexter is back!! Ahh!

 ... I don't remember the last time I actually *liked* something on TV. Buffy, maybe. Need Dexter! Like a drug ...

So tired. Spent all day cleaning. Still downloading ...

Damn. Winamp no workie. Which is good, because it is a big ugly bastard, now, and I don't feel like figuring out how to use it.

Next program ...

Ew, DivX. I hate divx.

Oh, but it works. Sweet! 

Too tired for TV, now ... Arg.

Alicen [userpic]


August 23rd, 2008 (01:42 am)

current mood: awake

It's 2 am, and I'm in my bathroom to soak up stolen internet because my room mate has taken to sleeping in the living room and I can't play FF12 anymore; I have posted my resume on every job site avaiaible because my job has cut hours like shit and I cannot pay my rent or bills and I'm scared shitless; I'm not going to school this semester because I totally can't afford it; my Firefox has taken away my option to download images, so DeviantArt is out of the question, so I'm stuck here looking up my nerdings on LiveJournal; my cat peed on my bathmat again and it reeks in here. I'm gonna burn candles now, burn away the stink. But it's hella hot, especially with my computer spittin hot air like crazy.

I should draw some. I want to do a steampunk comic about a lesbian Duckie on roller skates. Because Jeni and I watched Pretty in Pink last night again, and poor Duckie gets no love, even though he's like, the greatest character in anything. Ever.

Or I'll ust dick around here some more. I should either go to bed or stay up as late as I can. I have a 4 am shift in a few days I don't know if I should stay up for, or wake up for. Oh, the drama.

Not sleepy.

Cat stinky.

Music sucks ... what am I listening to? Butthole surfers. Random to Johnny Cash. Random to Marilyn Manson. I gotta get some new music. Fast.

New Dir en Grey in November!! Yah!! And a concert, too! The one last winter was the best concert I've ever been to. And I think the Fillmore might just be Heaven. I love their chandeliers. And the j-rock nerd crowd. I've never before been part of a polite mosh pit. Not even at Christian shows. Punches are thrown at Demon Hunter. Hard punches. Nice mosh pits make me giggle, and not fear for my glasses.

I gotta get contacts.

Applying for work at ATT now. Dad and Grandpa work there. Might as well. Wanna be a technichian (ha! me, up on a pole?fixing things, notbreaking! ha!) I figure if Dad can do it, I can too. They're only hiring for cell phone selling bitches in my area, tho. Don't wanna drive to Napa every day. Not till I get a bike ... But the sales bitch gets 13 bucks an hour, plus commision (again, me? selling shit? I'm 'bout as persuasive as a wet pancake.) But fingers crossed. Full time, I'd bring home more than 400 ore dollars a month. Damn. I could pay bills, fix my kittens, buy food ... pay my debt ... fingers crossed! I shoul apply in Fresno, too. I don't think that's too far away ... should check a map ...

Fingers crossed!

I have wasted much time typing! Not gonna read to spellcheck! haha!

I need to get a life.

Alicen [userpic]

200 + weeks ...

August 9th, 2008 (10:36 am)

current location: loo
current mood: sleepy
current song: Utada Hikaru - Passion neverending mix

 ... Damn. That's alot of time to ignore this thing. Oh, well. Like anyone wants to know about my boring life. I'm just bored and cooped up in my bathroom babysitting a kitten who will fight to the death with the rest of my cats, so I'm desperate for something to do.

I've been stealing my neighbor's wifi for months, now, and never knew that the best connection I can get in the apartment is on my bathroom sink. Damn. Guess I'll be hanin in the bathroom more often ... lame. But it is nice to have pages load faster than drawn-by-hand time.

Kitten napping at feet. Cute! So cute I just may not kill my room mate for waking e up at ass-o'clock, "hey, come watch this kitten while I'm at school!" Damn it, I went to bed after 4 ... sleepy ... kitten so cute ...

Not as cute as mine, tho! Bwahaha!!

Bored typing. Must search internet for porn. Cause why else is it there?

Alicen [userpic]

Hmmm ...

June 17th, 2004 (11:04 pm)

current mood: giddy
current song: Tool - Disgustipated

The dishwasher's cycle sounds *exactly* like the beat of Tool's 'Disgustipated".

Wierd ...

... Never realized that the song was a waltz.

Life ... feeds on life ... feeds on life

one ... two three ... one ... two three

I'll go walts across the tiny house, now. Turn the music up really loud, annoy the neighbors, you know?

Life is good.

Alicen [userpic]


June 15th, 2004 (10:42 pm)
current mood: miffed, with a chance of kinky
current song: Neo-Goth compilation. Yay, industrial cuteness!! ...Orgy...

I broke the telly!!

I'm house-sitting for my aunt for a month-ish, and today, day frikkin' *two* I go and bust the boob tube.

Damn, I hate that satalite. Can't watch Trigun 'n' Bebop now. And I was all looking forward to it. All day through work, I was all "well, at least you can go home and watch some animes!"

Yeah, right!!

Damn ... whatever broke.

So here I am. Hijacking the internet connection. Nothing to do, though. I have almost 4,000 deviations to weed through on DeviantART, but that's boring at the moment. And there's just something 'bout downloading porn before midnight that's a wee bit ... odd. But I think I will. 'Cause it's fun. And nekkid.

I'm bored.

And in protest to the evil sattilite monkeys, I am eating nothing but chips and diety coke until I absolutely *need* real nourishment or I'll die.


That, and I'm too lazy to walk my ass across the street to the big Store 'O' Food-Such!!


... Porn ...

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