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Alicen [userpic]


August 23rd, 2008 (01:42 am)

current mood: awake

It's 2 am, and I'm in my bathroom to soak up stolen internet because my room mate has taken to sleeping in the living room and I can't play FF12 anymore; I have posted my resume on every job site avaiaible because my job has cut hours like shit and I cannot pay my rent or bills and I'm scared shitless; I'm not going to school this semester because I totally can't afford it; my Firefox has taken away my option to download images, so DeviantArt is out of the question, so I'm stuck here looking up my nerdings on LiveJournal; my cat peed on my bathmat again and it reeks in here. I'm gonna burn candles now, burn away the stink. But it's hella hot, especially with my computer spittin hot air like crazy.

I should draw some. I want to do a steampunk comic about a lesbian Duckie on roller skates. Because Jeni and I watched Pretty in Pink last night again, and poor Duckie gets no love, even though he's like, the greatest character in anything. Ever.

Or I'll ust dick around here some more. I should either go to bed or stay up as late as I can. I have a 4 am shift in a few days I don't know if I should stay up for, or wake up for. Oh, the drama.

Not sleepy.

Cat stinky.

Music sucks ... what am I listening to? Butthole surfers. Random to Johnny Cash. Random to Marilyn Manson. I gotta get some new music. Fast.

New Dir en Grey in November!! Yah!! And a concert, too! The one last winter was the best concert I've ever been to. And I think the Fillmore might just be Heaven. I love their chandeliers. And the j-rock nerd crowd. I've never before been part of a polite mosh pit. Not even at Christian shows. Punches are thrown at Demon Hunter. Hard punches. Nice mosh pits make me giggle, and not fear for my glasses.

I gotta get contacts.

Applying for work at ATT now. Dad and Grandpa work there. Might as well. Wanna be a technichian (ha! me, up on a pole?fixing things, notbreaking! ha!) I figure if Dad can do it, I can too. They're only hiring for cell phone selling bitches in my area, tho. Don't wanna drive to Napa every day. Not till I get a bike ... But the sales bitch gets 13 bucks an hour, plus commision (again, me? selling shit? I'm 'bout as persuasive as a wet pancake.) But fingers crossed. Full time, I'd bring home more than 400 ore dollars a month. Damn. I could pay bills, fix my kittens, buy food ... pay my debt ... fingers crossed! I shoul apply in Fresno, too. I don't think that's too far away ... should check a map ...

Fingers crossed!

I have wasted much time typing! Not gonna read to spellcheck! haha!

I need to get a life.