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Alicen [userpic]


September 28th, 2008 (01:12 am)

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Good idea: Facial piercings.

Iffy idea: Facial piercings in my bathroom.

Great idea: Taking out labret stud cause it was banging against my teeth, sticking to my gums, and generally pissing me off. In the first 3 minutes. I knew it would look bad, too. I've an overbite and puffy lips, and a jutting chin ... attractive ... My roomate has the perfect lips for a labret though. She'd never go for it. She almost fainted getting her cartilage done at Clair's. Wuss. Haha.

Bad idea: Buying nose screw instead of stud. Can't get it into skin so freshly pierced, genious. I have an earing stuffed in my nose till payday.

So now I have to decide if I should pierce the other side of my mouth and make snakebites ... But I'm just not that emo. And I've started going to hardcore shows in the area, and don't particularly want to look like another 14 year old with too much makeup and tits. ... I really want another stud on the right side, with the fresh one now. Hmm. But I have small lips ... *drama*

Haha. Sticking needles through my skin rocks. I had no idea till a couple days ago that I live, like, next door to a tattoo/piercing supply store. So I can harm myself the proper way.

The labret hole keeps bleeding when I pull a face. Musta hit a vein. Never had a piercing bleed, before, more than a drop. Can't wait to go to a shop and get my industrial done. I don't trust my distracted hands and dirty mirror to do the proper angle. Twice.

Whoo hoo! Great way to start vacation week. Let my lip heal a bit before putting in a plastic retainer for work. Finally got the ok to get nose peircings at Raley's, but so far, no one else has done it ... Haha! Start a trend! ... Funny - the day after they announced guys could have neat facial hair, every guy in the joint started growing theirs. Half the staff looked gnarly and dirty for a week, letting beards grow in. Woosy girls, and not jumping on the oppertunity. Ha.