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Alicen [userpic]


May 26th, 2010 (09:09 pm)

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current mood: anxious
current song: fuzzy radio

God damn you, Trent Reznor. Damn you. Once I get my shit all together, get in a comfortable (boring) groove, you have to come waltzing along and fuck it all up, don't you? Gheeze.

I'm listening to How to Destroy Angels practically non stop, now. Seriously, that's only 3 songs, now, Al, mix it up, man!!

But these 3 beautiful songs, and a sweet stack of cds from Diane, have me head over heels for Nine Inch Nails, again. I'm standing here at work, simply itching to rush home and dig up my NIN mp3 cds and take a long ass walk around my apartments, loosing myself in the beats and trying to fix together the whys and the whats to the whos layed out in the last 3 years' sketchpads. Damn it, Trent, you're making me want to draw! What is this, high school, where I spend all day betweet headphones, pencil in hand, whipping out drawings and ideas in a frenzy? Is that what I will become again?

Bring it on, Mr. Reznor. I've been waiting to long for this. So bring it back, usher of my creative parade. Help me find a context for the lonely ideas and characters; help me find the glue.

And damn it, bring me a fucking pencil.

Also; lighter note; typing up a livejournal entry on my phone is a BITCH.