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Alicen [userpic]


June 15th, 2004 (10:42 pm)
current mood: miffed, with a chance of kinky
current song: Neo-Goth compilation. Yay, industrial cuteness!! ...Orgy...

I broke the telly!!

I'm house-sitting for my aunt for a month-ish, and today, day frikkin' *two* I go and bust the boob tube.

Damn, I hate that satalite. Can't watch Trigun 'n' Bebop now. And I was all looking forward to it. All day through work, I was all "well, at least you can go home and watch some animes!"

Yeah, right!!

Damn ... whatever broke.

So here I am. Hijacking the internet connection. Nothing to do, though. I have almost 4,000 deviations to weed through on DeviantART, but that's boring at the moment. And there's just something 'bout downloading porn before midnight that's a wee bit ... odd. But I think I will. 'Cause it's fun. And nekkid.

I'm bored.

And in protest to the evil sattilite monkeys, I am eating nothing but chips and diety coke until I absolutely *need* real nourishment or I'll die.


That, and I'm too lazy to walk my ass across the street to the big Store 'O' Food-Such!!


... Porn ...