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Alicen [userpic]

21 days!

September 9th, 2008 (11:28 pm)

current location: bed
current mood: dorky
current song: Blondie - Hangin on the Telephone

My cat is making creepy growly ambient hate noises at the kittens and it reminded me that Silent Hill will haunt me again in mere weeks! And I accidentally requested the week it comes out as vacation ... smooth ... Too bad I have to play it on my brother's stupid 360. I need a better job. 2 or 3 better jobs, maybe. Tired of Raley's. And the hour cuts. I think 2 part time jobs will do me much better, even if they pay less. Minimum wage will soon be close to what I make now, and if I work somewhere without a union ... I'll break 'bout even.

Silent Hill!!