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Alicen [userpic]

Diet up, bitch! :)

September 7th, 2012 (12:17 am)

current mood: accomplished

Gained wedding weight ... Wait! Not my wedding!! Loose this shit by your birthday, fool.
This shit is unacceptable. Change your habits. You know what to do right. And you certainly know what you are doing wrong. Your clothes don't fit. Nothin except done summer dresses. You're gonna want jeans soon, woman, your punk ass gets cooold. And your asthma is coming back, creeping in in the worst time of the year. That horrible spare tire is back, and your side-ass jiggled running across the parking lot today. Not cool!!
You are never, ever going to be 200 pounds again. Stop pushing it. Cutting the scary number way too close.
So just think of how much better you felt half a year ago. The running, faaabulous running. No asthma. Curling up small and tight in a theater seat, in the car seat. Think of all the cute fall outfits! The boots! The tights and short skirts! All the cutesy gothy clothes you'll make for the club! The epic confidence boost of getting attention. Getting a girl's attention. ;)
And for fuck's sake, keep calm and wait for halloween!! There will still be sweets and sugars and treats for years to come. Digging them all in your face at once is what put you in this fat-suit predicament in the first place. Eat smart. Move smart. All that effort you put into the wedding? That's all yours for the taking, now. All yours again. So go to the fuckin gym! You actually like it there! And you LOVE what you get out of it! Cook. Healthy. Eat vegetarian a very very high percentage of the time. Drink the water, put down the damn mountain dew!
Use your damn brain. Think twice. Eat once. Exercise, exercise, exercise! Build that muscle! Burn that fat! Read more, expand your brain as you run quicker and quicker from that fat-suit you used to drown in. Surprise your relatives again this Christmas. Rock that dress. And your sexy rock-hard arms. Run. You actually like doing it. Alot. Listen to new music. Rediscover old music. Unearth stuff so fuckin underground, you will be the master of all hipsters.
Most of all: listen to your body. You'd been wildly out of tune for quite some time, now, get back in the groove, pick up the steps where you left off, and rock your sexiness, mmk? Cause
you deserve it, girl. No more hiding. LIVE!!
: D