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Alicen [userpic]

I live!!

May 21st, 2004 (02:38 pm)

current mood: horny
current song: TOOL. Lots and lots of TOOL. I loves Maynard.

Yar! Not dead!

:points for me:

So. Life. 11, 12 days, or something, left of high school!! Yay! Now I'll have time to do, um, stuff. Like use the Internet. Yeah.

Started work. I wait tables at a retirement home down the street from my house. I is making the big bucks ($7.25/hour, plus overtime) Not bad for a fist job, no? But my boss just got fired, so the boss-boss is making a new schedule for two weeks from now. I'll work 'bout three hours a day, now.

Aw! Ryu's all out of the moneys, now!!

Which is bad, 'cause I'm *totally* addicted to CD shopping!! Money is fun! Good thing I'm not independant, yet. I'd have the musics, sure, but not a roof. Or walls, even. I'd be the crazy lady jacking your electricitys to run it out to my cardboard box on the corner.


Crazy box lady.

So. I've finally seen more than one ep of Invader Zim!! Whee! Bought the first DVD last week. Nifty, nifty, I tells ya.

Stupid Viz site said Trigun Maximum was coming out last Tuesday, but I can't find it anywhere. And the comic book-guy wasn't having it shipped anytime soon.


Oh, my life. How ... boring. But I'm free come the ninth!! Yay!! The boss'll want me to do the working thing, though. But even if I get 7,8,9 hours a day, I'll have 2 to 3 hours in between each shift 'cause they only want workers during meal hours. Sucktacular, I'm telling you. How will I *ever* get a social life this way?!

Ah. Social lives are over rated. Yup. So's the whole dating thing. Blah.

The world's most boring, bland dude keeps asking me out. Went a couple times. Pity, you know? That and, well, I don't go out a whole lot myself, you know?

Shut up.

So what if I'm a looser.

I *like* being a looser!

Shut up!!

It's so easy to rant about nothing on Livejournal. So I think I will. Just 'cause.

I *really* need to start calling people. Really bad. I miss you, friends!!

Yeah. So the guy I've been crushing on for a billion (ok, 5) years finally has a girlfriend. Damn. And the girl I've had my eyes on is moving to So-Cal in a month. Damn my singleness!!

But I do have lots of Tool now, with Maynard's sexy-as-sin liquid-sex voice. That song 'Passenger', by Deftones? Sexiest song ever. Just delicious. And even better - Maynard does half the vocals on it!! That's been my favorite song since it cameout and I didn't even relize it 'till I read liner notes on the Internet!

Gawd, what a moron I am.

But now the song gains extra sexy-points because of the lovely visual going on in my head. My two favorite voices having mad naked man-sex in the passenger seat of a car.

Very nice.

Now we just need to squeeze Trent Reznor into there somehow ...

New NIN!! This year!! But in Trent-speak, that could mean anytime tomorrow to five years from now. Damn. But all of his albums come attatched to 1,2,5 singles, a couple remix CDs, etc. Very, very nice.

I can't find the third Bear comic anywhere. I've looked so much. Need to order from the Internet, now. Thanks, Squall, for showing me all your cool comics! I feel all in the know, now.

I think I may go home now.

Draw. While I have this breathing time.

Man, I love Pizzicato Five!! (Yay, Internet radio!)

Over and (dorking) out

I love days off. Time to breath.

Alicen [userpic]


January 28th, 2004 (04:53 pm)

current mood: crazy
current song: Electric Six - High Voltage!


Gots me a Deviantart account, but the site's down for rennovation or whatnot. So's Elfwood.

So I have boredom.


School's nice now - I get out at noon instead of sometime in the afternoon. Now I *nned* to find a job!


... So, yeah. Peeps who know I'm out here need to swing by http://Psychocat.deviantart.com and check me out. I have doodles.

I need a scan-inator so I can update from home. Yar...

Alicen [userpic]


January 16th, 2004 (03:22 pm)

current mood: nerdy
current song: Dirty Vegas - Ghosts

I am miffed.

Stupid peoples at the job place *promise* me work, and now I call 'em back, and they've "already filled all the timeslots."

Damn them!

Damn them, I say!


Alicen [userpic]

Shooo ...

January 15th, 2004 (03:28 pm)

current mood: weird
current song: Where Is Mr. Fabulous - Pepe Delux


I'm 18! Yay!

So, yeah.

That's all.

Need to call back the job place. The lady who hired me is gone now, fired or managing a differant store. The other guy who interviewed me said he'd call. Last Sunday. And that was a few days ago ...


Need to fill out the FAFSA 'cause I be too poor to afford college.


Life is good.

Finals next week. Which means I have a whole week 'a minimum days.

I should call Squall.

If you read this, Squall, call me! I don't know where you area anymore. I think I'll call tonight, but it won't do much good if you're not there ... So call me!

Alicen [userpic]


January 3rd, 2004 (03:32 pm)

current mood: dorky
current song: Tori Amos - China

Yay! I *finally* turn 18 tomorrow!


And ... I got a job this morning!

I now get to work as a sandwitch-bitch in the mall. 'Couse, it's the ghe-to mall, but I think I'll live. Can't wait to start!




Mom's out getting me a woden hand model now. Surprise! I get to doodle hands, now.

... I sure hope I can finally make them look like hands ...

Alicen [userpic]


December 16th, 2003 (04:33 pm)

current mood: bouncy
current song: Aphex Twin - Fingerbib

Oh my god!

I opened the mailbox yesterday and right there, under the phone bill and the eternal send-$-to-poor-starving-orphans guilt mail was my ACCEPTANCE LETTER TO THE ART INSTITUTE!!

I'm going to art school!

I don't care if I don't have the money.

Hell, I'll pimp myself out for art school cash-ola.

... Okay, maybe not.

I'll have to pimp out some other hos.

I'll need to get me some hos ...

I need a job.


Oh, my god. I almost died yesterday when I found out. Death. It happened. And then I spent *all* fuckin' night bouncing around in utter glee.

'Twas fun.

Until I tired myself out. Which didn't take too long, 'cause I had already biked around Christmas shopping. Half don! Yay!


I think I need to go die now.


Alicen [userpic]


December 4th, 2003 (03:08 pm)

current mood: dorky
current song: Evanescence - Tourniquet

Life is life. Yup.

One of my pics is going to be in the school magazine. Yay. I need to draw what they need for the newspaper. I don't wanna. I wanna be lazy.

I wanna draw my own stuff! Yay!

I think I want a website.

I think I need to check ot geocities now.

I feel dorky.

Evanescence is ending now. New music next.

I am **so** addicted to Kingdom Heart's 'Hikari' right now! Such a catchy, cutesy song.

I loves it!

Thanks, Squall, for it!!

... I never knew Devo did the 'Beautiful World' song ... I guess you learn something new every day. Yup. Devo. Whip it. Whip it good.

Alicen [userpic]

Somebody get me some paper!!

December 2nd, 2003 (04:45 pm)

current mood: artistic
current song: Pizzicato Five - Groovy is my Name

Whoo! I **finally** feel like doodling again!

I have that little inspiration-tightness in my chest 24/7. As ofyesterday. Just poof! now you feel like wasting your life behind your sketchpad.

Yes, I do!


It's only been years. Okay, 6 or 7 months, don't feel like counting. Feel like dooling. Yay!

Still waiting to hear from the Institute of the Arts. Eerg. Waiting sucks.

Need to call back and see if I get that job. I want that job. Yup.


I think I'll go home and watch Pirates of the Caribbean.


... I luv Johhny Depp ...

Alicen [userpic]

Life is ... blah.

November 25th, 2003 (01:43 pm)

current mood: anxious
current song: Emotion - ATB

Whoo, boy.

What's up, now?


Not a freaking thing.

Oh, well.

Got a call from the Art Institute yesterday; I'll know if I'm accepted in a few weeks, I guess. Did a second interview at the job I'm looking at. I think I might get it! I hope. I need the cash something fierce. Need to save for college.

Hope I get into the Institute.

I mean, I really, really hope I get in.

Ah ...



Alicen [userpic]


November 23rd, 2003 (01:40 pm)

current mood: dorky
current song: none, 'cause Launch hates me! And I'm not likin' it!

Hmm. Finally got icons up - yay! I like them. Came out fairly cool.

The library internet appears to hate me. Yup. Oh, well. Yes. Tried to download some HIM songs and it rolled over and died. Pretty cool music, though. I need to remember that next time I go the Tower.

Yup. I killed the internet. And the herd of ants that had moved into my kitchen over the last few days. Killed 'em, too. Yup.

Need to control this taste for blood I've grown. Must resist the urge to kill.

I wanna draw.

I want my fucking muse to come back!!

I think it died. Last May.


And I'm going batty here without all the doodling I used to do.


Damn internet!

Needs to be killed ...